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The type of warranty remedy depends on the circumstances but may include repair or replacement of goods, a refund or having an unsatisfactory service performed again.

In the unlikely event that your purchase arrives and is missing parts, is damaged, is faulty, is defective or is not of acceptable quality, please take photos or video clearly identifying the issue and contact our Team within 48 hours of receiving the item as any damage to the item after delivery will not be covered and may complicate your claim for in-transit damage.

To request a return, exchange or warranty issue for Parts please email:

To request a return, exchange or warranty issue for an attachment please email:

Customers will receive a blank warranty notice with their attachment.  They will complete and return to Norm Engineering via email or mail.

If, after the preliminary photo & video assessment, the product is confirmed to be defective, damaged or covered by an applicable warranty or covered by the consumer guarantee provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, a member of our Team will contact you to proceed with the return process. Norm Engineering will arrange for the pickup and cover the costs of the return. Please ensure the product is well protected and packaged similar to the way you received the product. If the product has been assembled, it will need to be disassembled and packaged the same way it was delivered.

For the item to be returned under warranty you will need to advise Norm Engineering:

  • there will be someone will be there at time of collection
  • the Customer has loading facilities or if a tailgate loader is needed
  • how the item is palleted 

Goods received without the Warranty Return Authorisation from will be held in a quarantine location and the processing of your claim held until all information has been supplied. Failure to return faulty parts under warranty along with the form may result in repair charges being incurred.  

If the warranty has not been pre-approved prior,

  • Account Customers must provide a PO for the replacement part before dispatch 
  • Private Customers must pay for replacement parts before dispatch.

If the product is deemed warranty upon arrival at the workshop then the product will be repaired, replaced or refunded free of charge. If it is deemed to not be covered (Please refer to the Warranty terms & conditions) under warranty, then the customer will be required to pay for the repair and freight to and from the workshop.




This is providing the product is used appropriately, for normal use and as stipulated by the operator’s manuals and various instructions.

  • Lifetime warranty against Shaft Dislodgment
  • Planetary Gearbox Components - 72 months
  • Hydraulic Motors - 36 months