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Pallet forks are a type of equipment that can be attached to tractors, skid steer loaders, or other machines to lift and transport pallets or other loads. Pallet forks consist of a frame and two or more forks that can slide along the frame to adjust the width. Some pallet forks also have a load guard that prevents the load from falling back onto the operator or the machine.

Pallet forks are useful for various applications in agriculture, construction, landscaping, and other industries. They can handle different types of loads, such as hay bales, lumber, boxes, crates, and more. Pallet forks are designed to be reliable, durable and easy to use.


One of the features that distinguishes pallet forks from other lifting equipment is the floating tyne design. This means that the forks can swing freely up and down according to the ground level and the machine’s weight. This allows the operator to pick up and place loads more accurately and safely. Unlike forklifts, which can only lift loads vertically, pallet forks can also tilt the load forward or backward by adjusting the angle of the machine’s attachment. This can help with loading and unloading trucks, stacking pallets, or dumping materials.

However, pallet forks also have some limitations and risks that operators should be aware of. For example, pallet forks cannot lift loads that are too heavy or too large for the machine’s capacity. Doing so can damage the equipment or cause instability and tipping. Also, pallet forks cannot pickup past horizontal allowing the load to slide off the forks or into an unsafe position. Operators should always follow the safety instructions and guidelines when using pallet forks.

Pallet forks are available in a range of sizes and models to suit different machines and needs. Some of the factors that affect the choice of pallet forks are the type of machine, the type of load, the required lifting height, and the desired fork width. Tractor pallet forks are specially designed for tractors and have a higher lifting capacity than skid steer pallet forks. Skid steer pallet forks are more versatile and can fit most skid steer loaders.

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