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Grass slashers are a type of equipment that can be used to cut and clear grass, weeds, saplings, and other vegetation from lawns, paddocks, parks, and other areas. Grass slashers are similar to regular lawn mowers, except they are more powerful and rugged. Grass slashers can be attached to tractors, skid steer loaders, or other machines and towed behind them to cover large areas of land.

Norm Engineering is a leading supplier of grass slasher attachments in Australia. We offer a wide range of grass slashers for different machines. Our grass slashers are designed to suit Australian conditions and meet the industry standards. They are made of high-quality materials and components, such as heavy duty protective chains, PTO shaft, clutch, blades, and frame. They also have easy maintenance and service features, such as grease nipples, adjustable skids, and removable guards.

Some of the grass slashers that Norm Engineering offers are:


These are suitable for commercial and agricultural use. They can handle tough and thick vegetation, such as saplings, shrubs, and trees. They have a heavy duty construction and a floating tyne design that allows them to adjust to the ground level and the machine’s weight. They also have an offset feature that enables them to cut close to fences, walls, and other obstacles.


These are specially designed for tractors and have a higher lifting capacity than skid steer slashers. They can be used for mowing lawns, paddocks, fields, and other areas. They have a drawbar that connects to the tractor’s hitch and a hydraulic system that controls the height and angle of the slasher. They also have a load guard that prevents the load from falling back onto the operator or the tractor.


These are more versatile and can fit most skid steer loaders. They can be used for clearing weeds, grass, and small branches from roadsides, construction sites, and other places. They have a quick attach system that allows them to be easily mounted and detached from the skid steer loader. They also have a hydraulic motor that powers the blades and a safety chain that protects the operator and the machine.

Norm Engineering is committed to providing reliable and quality equipment for achieving your paddock mowing needs. If you are interested in purchasing a grass slasher unit, you can check out our slasher range above. You can also contact us for a quote or a demonstration.