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Boost your excavator's versatility and efficiency with Norm Engineering's Excavator Hitches, designed for quick attachment changes and enhanced job site productivity.


Discover Our Versatile Excavator Hitches!

Looking to optimize your excavator's performance? Norm Engineering offers a range of high-quality excavator hitches designed to enhance efficiency and versatility on the job site. With options including the Half Hitch, Hydraulic Hitch, Tilt Half Hitch, and Tilt Hydraulic Hitch, we have solutions to suit various needs and preferences.

Half Hitch: Simplify Attachment Changes and Boost Productivity

  • Cut costs with a hydraulic-free alternative that doesn't require additional plumbing from the machine.
  • Save time by swiftly changing attachments, increasing productivity on-site.
  • Enhance versatility by easily switching between different attachments.
  • Prioritize safety with secure attachment and detachment mechanisms.
  • Explore our hybrid option for added flexibility.

Hydraulic Hitch: Ensure Compliance and Reliability

  • Comply with Australian and International Hydraulic Quick Hitch Standards for peace of mind.
  • Features wear indicators for easy maintenance inspections.
  • Enjoy a secure mechanical lock with the Triple Lock mechanism.
  • Safely lift heavy loads with the included rated lifting point and anti-swing feature.
  • Operates effortlessly with pilot or full system pressure.

Tilt Half Hitch: Enhance Mobility and Efficiency

  • Save costs with a 180-degree tilt function without requiring hydraulic locking lines.
  • Ideal for smaller machines up to 3.5 tonnes.
  • Easily change attachments using the slider pin mechanism.
  • Reach hard-to-access areas by tilting the bucket for improved maneuverability.

Tilt Hydraulic Hitch: Optimize Precision and Performance

  • Complies with stringent Hydraulic Quick Hitch Standards for reliability.
  • Features a secure Triple Lock system and Hydraulic Hose Guard Plate.
  • Includes wear indicators for simplified maintenance.
  • Operates seamlessly with pilot or full system pressure.
  • Unlock versatility with a 180-degree tilt range.

Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with Norm Engineering's range of excavator hitches. Simplify attachment changes, ensure compliance, and optimize performance with our reliable solutions.