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Grapple buckets are a type of attachment for skid steer loaders that are designed to handle even the most difficult site conditions. They have a grabbing arm that can clamp down on debris, rocks, bricks, and other foreign materials, and a rock bucket that can sift through the dirt and separate the unwanted materials from the soil. Grapple buckets are ideal for site clean up, ground levelling, and handling rocky soil.


One of the main advantages of grapple buckets is that they can handle a variety of materials with ease. They can pick up large and heavy objects, such as logs, concrete blocks, or metal scraps, while sifting through smaller and finer materials, such as sand, gravel, or mulch. Norm Engineering’s grapple buckets are suitable for most skid steer loaders, as they have universal couplers that can fit different machines. They are also easy to operate, as the grabbing arm is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder that can be activated by a switch in the cab.

Another advantage of grapple buckets is that they can improve the efficiency and safety of the work site. They reduce the need for manual labour, performing tasks that would otherwise require multiple workers or tools. They can also prevent injuries and accidents, as they can securely hold the materials in place and prevent them from falling or rolling. 

However, grapple buckets also have some limitations. They are not suitable for light work, such as landscaping or gardening, as they may damage the plants or turf. They are also not designed for digging or trenching, as they may not be able to penetrate hard or compacted soil. Grapple buckets may also incur additional fees for maintenance and repair, as they have more moving parts and wear out faster than regular buckets.

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