Moving The Earth For You Since 1984


  • Why choose Norm Engineering?

    Since 1984, Norm Engineering has designed & built earthmoving attachments for tractors, mini loaders, skid steers, track loaders, excavators, backhoes, telehandlers and tractors. As an Australian manufacturer, Norm Engineering understands the tough Aussie environment and have built our attachments to withstand its harsh conditions. 

  • Where can I buy Norm Engineering products?

    You can locate all of our facilities here. Or you can find one of our dealers near you! Simply visit  

  • Can’t I just use any 4in1 bucket on my machine?

    No, each bucket is designed and built to be specific to the host machine.  

    Many factors, such as machine weight, width, safe working loads, hitch geometry and configuration, hose length, bucket heel height as well as bucket capacity are taken into account when specifying a particular style and size bucket, to maximise the performance and efficiency of not only the bucket but also your machine. 

  • Do you offer warranty on Attachments and Parts?

    Yes we do, please refer to the Warranty section of the website for the full warranty manual terms & conditions. However in general, Norm Engineering Pty Ltd warrants hydraulic cylinders against defects in manufacture for a period of twelve months from date of sale by the dealer or Norm Engineering Pty Ltd to the end consumer. The warranty in relation to hydraulic cylinders ceases upon the occurrence of damage to the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. 

    Norm Engineering Pty Ltd warrants all its other products against defects in manufacture for a period of twelve months from the date of sale by the dealer or Norm Engineering Pty Ltd to the end consumer. 

    No warranty applies to hoses, tubes and fittings in relation to any of the products. 

  • How can I pay for my attachment or part?

    We offer full credit card payment facilities including taking payment over the phone, online from the cart facility of the website, Paypal, Afterpay and via bank deposit from the details on the bottom of your invoice.  

  • What shipping options do you offer?

    We deliver all over Australia, New Zealand, America and worldwide using a combination of freight carriers. Shipping can be arranged by local post, local transport, heavy haulage, sea or air. With most orders, we send by reputable carriers such as TNT, Mainfreight & Followmont.  

    We can also use your account customer number to arrange freight on your selected freight forwarder.  

  • I am after a specific part, what information do I provide you?

    • The Machine brand, type & model 

    • Serial number of existing product for parts 

    • Age of the machine or product 

    • Width of the existing product for parts 

    • Part required 

    • Part number if known

  • Do you sell outside of Australia?

    Yes we do, we have regular containers shipped to New Zealand and America amongst others.  

  • Do we repair products other than Norm Engineerings’?

    This is a very regular question we get. When products are made outside of Australia, they lack the quality and standards that Norm Engineering require and set. We cannot guarantee our repairs will completely fix the issues faced by these lack of standards and therefore try to avoid the disappointment to the Customer. Don’t be offended by this decision, we purely don’t want to waste the hard-earned money of a consumer. This highlights the advantage of buying from a genuine Australian Manufacturer, rather than a reseller that lacks the facilities and capabilities to fix these issues.  

  • Why do you need to quote on attachments and why can't you just list your prices?

    Unfortunately, each of our attachments is built to the thousands of makes and models of machines. Simply providing a price when each product is made differently is very difficult. We want to make sure our product is built for you and your machine, not an off the shelf product that may not fit your earthmoving needs or last as long. We endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours with a quote or we encourage you to attend a machine dealership who can also provide a quote for you.