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Clear debris and brush efficiently with Norm Engineering's Stick Rakes, designed for robust performance and optimal debris management in land-clearing operations.


Master the Land with our Advanced Stick Rakes Collection

Enhance your land-clearing capabilities with Norm Engineering's versatile range of stick rakes, designed to meet all your heavy-duty clearing needs. Our collection includes three robust models: the Dozer Blade Stick Rake, Excavator Stick Rake, and Reversible Stick Rake, each engineered with precision and durability in mind.

The Dozer Blade Stick Rake is perfect for large scale clearing operations, turning your dozer into a powerful land-clearing tool. It's ideal for removing debris, leveling ground, and preparing sites for new projects. Our Stick Rakes can be attached to tractors, skid steers, mini loaders, track loaders, backhoes and telehandlers.

Our Excavator Stick Rake offers exceptional versatility and is designed to attach easily to your excavator. This rake excels in sorting through debris and clearing brush with precision, making it a vital tool for excavation sites and landscaping tasks.

The Reversible Stick Rake stands out with its dual functionality. This unique rake features dual rakes with different spacing options, allowing operators to switch between rake types depending on the task at hand. Whether you're clearing fine debris or handling larger rubble, the Reversible Stick Rake adapts effortlessly to your needs.

All our stick rakes are built with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and longevity, reducing downtime and increasing productivity on the job site. Whether you're tackling tough terrain or clearing overgrown areas, Norm Engineering's stick rakes are your go-to solution for efficient and effective land management.