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With an increasing demand for the ultimate 4in1 bucket for large machines, Norm Engineering’s Research and Development team were put to the test.  Based on proven results for the Australian made Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Bucket, it was obvious that this bucket could be taken to the next level; by extending the floor,  increasing the side heights, and adding a higher load guard the capacity was increased dramatically.  A heavy duty 20mm flat floor was introduced for additional strength.  The design incorporates wide opening jaws for easy discharge; and transforms the bucket into a dozer blade.  The serrated edges on the jaws provide a strong grip for picking up logs, rocks, and debris.

To protect and extend the life of the bucket the Pro Series bucket has an option of 3 replaceable and reversable bolt on edges, and side cutters.  Three mesh windows allow excellent visibility, while the extended load guard prevents soil from falling back on the machine.  A logo or company name can be placed in the load guard design to give a personal touch.

With safety a priority, steps have been placed on the back of the bucket to allow the operator to safely access and exit the cab. Tie down points have been built into the side panels to allow safe transporting of the bucket.

A tilt option expands the capabilities of the bucket and provides the operator with endless opportunities.

Ranging from 1880-2150mm, the 4in1 Loader Style Pro Series Bucket has a dozer to clear and backfill, a blade to level, a bucket to lift and carry, and wide opening jaws with serrated edges to grip.

This unique design is becoming increasingly popular both in Australia and abroad. With a rapidly growing interest from the US and European markets, the Norm Engineering 4in1 Loader Style Pro Series Bucket is taking the world by storm; it has become one of the most talked about buckets in the industry worldwide!

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