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Rototilt® R2 is a compact tiltrotator designed for smaller excavators weighing between 3-6.5 tonnes. The R2 is very powerful for its size class, with a high breakout torque and a great flow capacity for using hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator. However, the Rototilt R2 offers many more advantages than that. The design is based on the same concept as our larger models with an integrated swivel. As a machine contractor, you will benefit from reduced hose routing and increased flow capacity. The R2's efficient hydraulics and low weight can also minimize your fuel consumption. 








Machine weight, min-max 6614 - 14330 lb
Weight (from) 300 kg
Bucket width, max 1500 mm
Breakout force, max 81 kN
Breakout torque, max 85 kNm
Tilt angle (2x) 40 °
Rotation speed (1 revolution in) 7.0 s at 50 l/min
Working pressure 25 MPa
Recommended hydraulic flow, min 69 l/min
Number of lubrication points 6
Rotation torque 6100 Nm
Tilting torque, single-acting cylinders 21500 Nm
Tilting torque, double-acting cylinders 26500 Nm
Dimension A, Width 677 mm
Dimension B, Installation height total 939 mm
Dimension C, Length 607 mm
Dimension D, Installation height 467 mm



Norm Engineering is proud to be Australia’s only distributor for Rototilt products, bringing the unparalleled efficiency and versatility of the Rototilt R2 Tiltrotator to the Australian market. Designed for smaller excavators weighing between 3 to 6.5 tonnes, the R2 Tiltrotator offers powerful performance and innovative features that can transform your earthmoving operations.

Key Features and Benefits of the R2 Tiltrotator

Exceptional Power and Efficiency

Despite its compact size, the R2 Tiltrotator is remarkably powerful. It boasts a high breakout torque of 31,715 and a breakout force of 11,240 lbf, allowing it to handle demanding tasks with ease. The R2's efficient hydraulics and integrated swivel design enhance flow capacity and minimize hose routing, leading to reduced fuel consumption and increased operational efficiency.

Versatility and Flexibility

The R2 Tiltrotator features a 40° tilt angle and a 360° rotation speed of 7.0 seconds at 7.9 gpm, providing unparalleled flexibility for a variety of tasks. Its compact design and low weight (from 386 lb) make it ideal for use with smaller excavators, ensuring smooth and precise operations even in confined spaces.

Advanced Hydraulics

With a working pressure of 3,626 psi and a recommended hydraulic flow starting at 11 gpm, the R2 Tiltrotator is engineered for optimal performance. The high flow capacity supports the use of hydraulic tools under the tiltrotator, making it a versatile addition to your machinery.

Durable and Reliable

Built to the highest standards, the R2 Tiltrotator features robust construction with three lubrication points, ensuring longevity and reliability. The double-acting cylinders deliver a tilting torque of 10,620, providing consistent power and performance.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Machine Weight, min-max: 6,614 - 14,330 lb
  • Bucket Width, max: 47 in
  • Rotation Torque: 2,876
  • Installation Dimensions:
    • Width: 12.36 in
    • Total Installation Height: 31.89 in
    • Length: 18.43 in
    • Installation Height: 15.31 in

Why Choose the Rototilt R2 Tiltrotator?

The Rototilt R2 is designed with the same innovative concepts as its larger counterparts, ensuring you get top-notch performance in a compact package. Its ability to reduce hose routing, increase flow capacity, and minimize fuel consumption makes it an invaluable asset for any machine contractor.

Exclusive Availability

As the exclusive distributor of Rototilt products in Australia, Norm Engineering ensures that you have access to the latest and most advanced tiltrotator technology. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means you can trust us to provide equipment that enhances your productivity and efficiency.