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RC™ Joysticks

Discover the award-winning RC™ Joysticks, where innovative design meets unparalleled comfort. Crafted through advanced 3D modelling and rigorous field tests, these joysticks cater to all hand sizes, ensuring ease and efficiency. Experience the unique 360° angle adjustment, optional FNR control, and adjustable palm rests, all designed to reduce strain during long working hours. With their ergonomic button placement and tailored fit for your machine, RC™ Joysticks not only enhance your operating experience but also place the future of control, quite literally, in your hands. 





RC Joysticks - benefits and features




In a world where efficiency and comfort in construction and earth-moving operations are paramount, the advent of Rototilt Control (RC™) Joysticks heralds a new era. Designed with the operator's experience at its core, these joysticks are not merely control devices but a bridge to a more intuitive, comfortable, and productive day on the job site.

Crafting Excellence: An Award-Winning Approach

The RC™ Joysticks, integral to the Rototilt Control concept, emerge from a deep understanding of the operator's needs. The design process, attentive to hand sizes and operational comfort, involved advanced modeling, 3D printing, and rigorous field testing with real machine operators. This comprehensive approach has culminated in a product that stands out for its ergonomic excellence and versatility, recognized by the Red Dot Award 2023, IF Design Award 2023, and the German Design Award 2024.

Ergonomics and Technology: A Synergistic Blend

At the heart of the RC™ Joysticks' design is a focus on ergonomics, aimed at reducing the physical strain on operators through features like the patented 360° angle adjustment, the optional Forward/Neutral/Reverse (FNR) control, and adjustable palm rests. These innovations ensure that operators can work longer hours with reduced fatigue, a testament to Rototilt's commitment to improving workplace conditions.

Personalization: The Key to Enhanced Operation

Understanding the uniqueness of each operator, the RC™ Joysticks offer extensive customization options. Whether it's adjusting up to 4 rollers, 8 buttons, or incorporating the FNR functionality, operators can tailor the controls to fit their personal preferences and work requirements.

Commitment to Safety

Safety remains a paramount concern in the development of the RC™ Joysticks. Compliant with the ISO 13849 safety standard, these joysticks reflect Rototilt's dedication to ensuring secure and reliable operations across all job sites, safeguarding both operators and machinery against potential hazards.

A Pioneering Control Concept

The RC™ Joysticks are a cornerstone of the broader Rototilt Control concept, which encompasses a new control system, a revolutionary tiltrotator series, and a supportive app for rapid assistance. This holistic approach enhances the operator's control, ergonomics, efficiency, and precision, promising a transformative impact on excavator operation and daily work routines.

As we stand on the brink of this new era in construction and earth-moving machinery, the RC™ Joysticks by Rototilt not only elevate operational standards but also underscore the critical role of human-centric design in advancing technology. This innovation sets a new benchmark for the industry, promising a future where machinery operation is not just about getting the job done but doing it with unparalleled precision, comfort, and safety.

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