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Norm’s established reputation as the leading 4-in-1 bucket manufacturer in Australia has been achieved through simply listening to customers and producing tough, quality-built products. As modern machines become increasingly more powerful, Norm Engineering targets the Australian market through stronger attachments that are more adaptable and can handle the demanding conditions.

Norm’s Ripper’s were originally designed in the 2000’s due to a large customer demand within the residential construction industry. As it was no longer viable for builders having to cut and level these smaller blocks with a drot, the perfect solution was the Norm Engineering Front and Rear Rippers. These custom-built attachments can be left on your machine permanently, no need to detach as they have been designed to not impact your machines departure angle and can be used as a stabilizer to increase down pressure when post hole boring. Incorporating one of Norm’s Rippers with your Skid Steer set up will significantly increase your overall abilities and provide additional stability to your machine.

Combining Norm’s Hydraulic Rear Rippers with your Skid Steer is a must have for any serious earthmoving service provider. ­





  • Exclusively available for compact track loaders and skid steers


  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Landscaping