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Ultra4 racing team compete in events and other off-Road races all around Australia. 

The team consists of a Goat Built Chassis made in 2019, made in house at wendtracing with a Chevy small-block engine on 40 inch BFG tyres. 

The 2021 Don River Dash was a highlight for the group, and are hoping to return there once again. 



Waterworx Amateur Swimming Club, a non-profit organisation was registered in 2000, currently has 76 members, 3 of which are life members, 38 competitive swimmers, 7 recreational and 28 parent members.

Our swimmers are very dedicated with most of our competitive swimmers training up to 8 sessions a week as well as competing in our Club nights which are run every Friday from October to March. They keep to their training schedule whilst attending School and competing at various swim meets weekends.

Norm Engineering has helped Waterworx Amateur Swimming Club - Springfield provide the following prizes for their champions; 

  1. Club Overall Champion -  This goes to the swimmer who achieves the most at a higher level of competition during the season.
  2. Senior Boy and Senior Girl overall - each goes to the swimmer who achieves the most points during the season.
  3. Junior boy and girl -  each goes to the swimmer who achieves the most points during the season.
  4. Waterworx Spirit Award -  this goes to the swimmer who parents and other swimmers get to vote on. The criteria for this is, the swimmer must try their best, be encouraging towards other swimmers. Help out wherever possible and go above and beyond without being asked.