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When you choose Rototilt®, you're getting the smartest tiltrotator on the market, and you can tailor functionality and equipment based on your needs and the job at hand. In addition, you get a tiltrotator with higher performance and longer service life than any other solution on the market, a tiltrotator developed in collaboration with the construction industry's leading players.

Our tiltrotator system transforms your excavator into a flexible tool carrier that opens the way for new types of jobs. When you choose Rototilt, you can also be confident that you are getting a system that works – from tiltrotators, control systems and machine couplings to tools. Our ICS control system enables both productivity-enhancing automation (RPS) and market-leading safety (SecureLock™) in one and the same system. A wide range of buckets, grapples, compactors and other tools let you get the job done faster and better than ever.

Transform your excavator. And your business.

Your tiltrotator as part of the QuickChange™ system

Rototilt QuickChange™ is a fully automatic quick coupler system, especially developed for Rototilt's tiltrotators, machine couplers and tools. This means that you can change hydraulic tools without leaving the cab.

With QuickChange™ on both the tiltrotator's attachment frame and the quick coupler beneath, you can automatically connect or disconnect your tiltrotator or tools for the job at hand without even leaving the cab. This transforms your machine into an optimized tool carrier with maximum performance. The tiltrotator can also be directly mounted on the machine with QuickChange™ only on the quick coupler. The SecureLock™ safety solution is integrated with both the quick coupler and machine coupler. QuickChange™ is available for tiltrotators R4 through to R8.

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